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Green Fuels

EGXFuels will use its technology to turn localized geothermal energy into low-cost, transportable green fuels. Green fuels, like ammonia and other synthetic fuels produced using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, not only serve as carbon-free alternatives, but can also use existing infrastructure. 

Green Ammonia


We will apply our patented technology to generate both heat and power for use in the production of low-cost, green ammonia at scale.


Green ammonia can be cracked into hydrogen upon delivery, which can then be used to power everything from cars to marine transport to power plants and may eventually replace other combustible fuels. Green ammonia is also used as feedstock for a wide variety of ammonia-based fertilizers.


The global ammonia market is projected to triple by 2050, driven primarily by the significant growth of low-carbon ammonia, which is expected to reach 420 million tons—two-thirds of the total market—by that time.

Future Target Fuels

With established technology and green ammonia production, EGXFuels plans to expand its green fuel production line to help displace fossil fuel in even more industries.

Green Diesel

Green diesel is used to power various modes of transportation, including cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, and ships, as well as in industrial applications such as heating and power generation.

Green Gasoline

Used to power everything from cars and trucks to chainsaws and lawnmowers, green gasoline is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional gasoline.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuels act as a substitute for conventional jet fuels in aircraft engines, aligning with national and international commitments to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation sector.