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Redefining the future of fuel to combat climate change.

EGXFuels will produce green fuels to affordably displace fossil fuels around the world.

Step 1

Gather Green Energy

We extract geothermal energy through novel methods and technologies.

Step 2

Produce Green Fuels

We use the energy for hydrogen and green fuels production, enabling each of our production sites to produce 50% more hydrogen.

Step 3

Combat Climate Change

We distribute these low-cost green fuels around the globe, providing clean fuel solutions to decarbonize industries around the world.

Benefits of our technology


Our sites will produce constant, 24/7 energy with no intermittency and no need for storage.


The vast energy in our planet will allow EGXFuels to scale to one terawatt size by 2040 to deliver on the net-zero transition goals.


Our zero-emission innovations mean our green fuel products are clean in both production and use.


Our patented technologies and differentiating efficiencies allow us to produce green fuels at competitively low costs.


Our underlying thermal technology can be used to directly reshape and decarbonize many industries.


Our geologists have already studied and identified 1,356 viable locations for development.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our proprietary renewable energy technology is currently in the proof-of-concept phase, so we can’t share all the details just yet. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.