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EGXFuels Secures Approval for Test Project in Kenya

By Scott Hall, CEO
September 18, 2023

EGXFuels has successfully obtained the required government approvals to develop its technological proof-of-concept in Kenya. This will allow EGXFuels, in collaboration with local experts, to conduct a full-scale test of our proprietary drilling and downhole technology. This pilot project will validate and demonstrate our proprietary subsurface energy technology, while allowing our team to conduct further technical analysis of drilling, well and geologic features. Completing this important milestone is a critical step forward for EGXFuels.

EGXFuels expects the project to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023, following the finalization of negotiations with service and logistics providers. This timeline would allow for completion of the full-scale test in the second quarter of 2024, with development of our preproduction site to begin shortly thereafter.

Throughout this process, EGXFuels will validate the innovative technologies and processes that will allow for global-scale, lower-cost production of green fuels. Our team is diligently working through the necessary requirements to conduct the project in compliance with all environmental, social and safety guidelines. EGXFuels is poised to make a substantial impact in renewable energy technology and green fuels production, and this milestone is only the beginning.