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EGXFuels – Production and Green Fuels Offtake

October 2, 2023

EGXFuels is a revolutionary geothermal/renewable energy technology and clean fuels production platform. Each EGXFuels’ facility will be designed with global-scale production capability as well as with the flexibility to be customized to produce a variety of green fuels. By the end of this decade, we anticipate that the annual output of the EGXFuels portfolio of clean fuels projects will reach approximately 20 million metric tons with the ability to serve consumers across the globe with clean and effective solutions to current energy challenges.

As we are creating plans for the design and output of each production facility, EGXFuels is currently conducting discussions with prospective counterparties interested in clean fuels purchase agreements and related offtake arrangements. Those parties include major load-serving utilities across many countries as well as global trading firms. Moreover, we are receiving offtake interest from global strategics that are seeking green fuels solutions to satisfy regional and/or national carbon emission reduction objectives. Although our principal focus for engagement is to form long-term offtake partnerships with anchor counterparties for one or more of our planned facilities, we are also interested in discussions with prospective counterparties that may seek shorter term arrangements that may take the form of hedges, tolls and/or related derivative or option structures.

EGXFuels’ production facilities are planned for most global geographic regions with the capability to easily access and serve global clean fuels markets. We expect to implement production capacity in strategic regions to serve major areas of load in the EU, SE Asia and North America. Although our initial production facilities are planned for green hydrogen and green ammonia production, subject to the needs of our offtake customers, our technology provides the flexibility to design facilities for the production of green diesel, naphtha or other clean fuel synthetics such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Beyond the production of the clean fuels themselves, considerable focus and attention is being placed on storage, transportation and fuel handling as well as the logistics of port facilities and the navigation of marine transport vessels.

By 2030+, EGXFuels expects to be a major global producer and provider of a variety of green fuels with the ability to provide a material impact on the overall energy transition. Green fuels produced from our revolutionary geothermal/renewable energy technology will satisfy global carbon compliance requirements of export markets, including recently enacted carbon intensity and compliance regulations in the EU. Production sites will also be engineered to minimize the regional footprint while seeking to better the lives of local communities.