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EGXFuels in Germany’s Green Future

By Scott Hall, CEO
August 30, 2023

With Germany positioned to become a global leader in the hydrogen sector, the country is certainly an attractive offtake location for EGXFuels’ green fuels. But beyond its ambitious energy transition plan, Germany is also a hotbed for investment and research in the core sciences and engineering that surround our technology. With Germany’s commitment to decarbonization and investment in research, the country can become an accelerator to EGXFuels’ growth and progress.

Germany’s Demand for Hydrogen

On the demand side, Germany has dedicated itself to decarbonizing its economy. Imported hydrogen will be a big part of the solution. According to German vice-chancellor Robert Habeck, Germany will need to import 70% of its green hydrogen to meet its environmental commitments. Habeck has already signed memoranda of understanding with countries to develop partnerships with a diverse array of nations, from Australia to South Africa. In addition, the German Cabinet recently announced the construction of a German National Core Hydrogen Pipeline Network that is expected to span all regions of the country and will specifically target energy-intensive industries. And even more admirably, Germany has kept focus on global good and equality while serving as a leading driver for change.

Germany’s Advanced Research Landscape

On the talent front, we anticipate Germany developing into a major research center for our core and surrounding technologies. Universities across Germany have many green energy engineering programs turning out highly skilled engineers, who will be key in leading future decarbonization efforts. In our long-range planning, we intend to develop an advanced technology center around Munich that will become critical in the refinement and development of the next generation of green fuels.

While EGXFuels doesn’t have a presence in Germany yet, I strongly believe that EGXFuels will have a bright and significant future in Germany—a future that will not only benefit EGXFuels, but one that will support the country’s goals of decarbonization and technical leadership. In this way, Germany will become part of the global footprint EGXFuels plans to build, to both serve the country’s needs and bolster its strengths.