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Round-the-Clock Green Energy

By Katherine Young, Executive Program Director
July 19, 2023

To combat climate change, we want to produce as much green fuel as we can, as fast as we can. To do this as efficiently as possible, we don’t want to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow. While some turn to expensive, and sometimes environmentally unfriendly energy storage options, EGXFuels is looking for a less expensive, cleaner option. That’s where baseload geothermal energy comes in.  

Intermittent Renewables 

When people mention sources of renewable energy, they often talk about wind and solar. And while we love the idea of any technology that helps to combat the climate crisis, these intermittent resources aren’t always available. They depend on the weather, which can vary from day to day, and hour to hour.  From a fuel production standpoint, we need a steady energy source that ensures that our production doesn’t have to frequently ramp up and ramp down (which takes a lot of time and energy). 


Energy storage has emerged as a new area of research to help fix the problem of variable renewables, allowing energy to be used when it is needed. But these technologies present additional challenges to the intermittent-renewables-plus-storage setup. Some of the most common utility-scale storage options include pumped hydroelectric storage and batteries. The former has location limitations, and the latter can be costly and environmentally unfriendly, containing toxic metals requiring hazardous mining. So, when a renewable baseload energy source like geothermal is available 24/7 – without the need for storage – this is a big win for the manufacture of green fuels. 

Baseload Energy 

“Baseload” is a term used to describe power plants that meet some or all of a given region’s continuous energy demand and produce energy at a constant rate. Simply put, baseload power is available 24/7. Baseload energy helps address the concerns raised by solar and wind by providing a steady stream of electricity that can be used alone, or to balance out the intermittent output of renewable sources. This can help ensure that EGXFuels’ electricity supply remains stable throughout the fuel production process.  

Benefits of Baseload Energy 

In addition to the reliable, 24/7 availability, there are many benefits to baseload geothermal energy, including: 

  • It’s cost-effective: For EGXFuels, a large-scale geothermal power plant is a cost-effective way to generate baseload electricity for its fuel production needs, relative to intermittent renewables which would require the purchase of expensive storage or back-upbackup energy.   
  • It’s environmentally friendly: Our geothermal energy technology uses a zero-carbon, sustainable resource to make 24/7 electricity, without the need for battery storage. This makes our process a more environmentally friendly option than both intermittent renewables and fossil-fuel baseload electricity generation, such as coal or natural gas. 
  • It’s low-risk: While intermittent renewables create operational risk, fossil fuel plants create cost risk.  This is because fossil fuel plants rely on fuels with unpredictable, fluctuating prices.  In contrast, geothermal baseload power plants can provide EGXFuels with a source of reliable domestic energy that does not rely on fuel purchasing. This can help to reduce and stabilize the cost of the green fuel we produce. 

EGXFuels’ Advantage 

EGXFuels is capturing all the benefits of geothermal baseload – reliability, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and a low risk profile – to overcome renewable energy’s biggest drawback: its geographic limitations. By developing the best geothermal resources and turning them into transportable green fuels, EGXFuels is bringing the power of low-cost geothermal everywhere in the world.